Friday, September 29, 2006

Create con folder in Windows


Have you tried creating the con folder in windows. Try it. You wont be able to create the folder with name "con" from GUI.

Okie, if you want to create that folder from windows X system you wont be able to create that folder from GUI. You will have to follow this step tp create that.

1)goto command prompt

2) type in prompt c:\> "mkdir \\.\c:\con"

3)verify by typing "dir \\.\c:\con" or by "dir con*.*"

4)delete the file or folder "rmdir \\.\c:\con"

Reason Why:

DOS had a number of reserved names for devices. Some represented actual physical devices, such as PRN for the printer and CON for the console (represented by the keyboard or screen, depending upon I/O mode), and others logical devices, such as NUL. In the case above, we are not allowed to create any folder with reserved keyword, or name any file with reserved keyword as suffix or file name body (examples are aux.c, file.aux, NUL.txt). "trying to access a filesystem object called 'con'," you're basically trying to _open_ the console device. When used as an input, the CON device is the keyboard; as an output, it is the screen.

For Example:
the command "copy setup.log con" will cause the contents of setup.log to be displayed on the screen. CON in this case is the output device. Conversely,
"copy con testfile.txt This is a testfile." (hit Ctrl-Z to mark end of file, then enter)
1 file(s) copied.

results in a text file named "testfile.txt," containing, "This is a tesfile."

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