Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Login to all messenger from single google talk


Are you signing in to multiple messenger (like gmail, yahoo, msn, aol, etc) to get in touch with every one.. NO NEED to do that now if you go through this post as I have done that and it really works.
Just follow this step in order to get that completed. You will see all of your contact from all messenger in a single login of your gmail. When you sign in to your one gmail account all the messenger you have will be online just signing in to your gmail account.

Note: It will work from your gmail account only. Because Google is the only company who have accepted this protocol.

Step 1: Download psi from

Step 2: Go to PSI (right side >> Service discovery >>

Step 3: Select click on the server (yahoo/AIM/MSN what ever you have ) >> register >>login you need to add to your gmail account) >> then login to your yahoo account from there. you will see all the contacts there,

Step 3: right click on your contact list name and authorize them to use Selected user in your list.

Or See the RED BLINKING ICON there on right side of your task bar >> CLick on it and authorise it.

Please try this, you will really find it amazing. I am already using it. It will solve yur problem to get login to every messenger each time and you will get all of your list from yahoo, AIM, msn in a single messenger. You will just need to authotrise all user once but when you complete it you will that how it have helped you.

How to install PSI check :

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Blogger suji said...

sir when i try to switch to another messenger as per the instruction it gives a error messege every time "there is a error getting agents from gmail Reason:the feature is not implemeted yet" how can this problem be resolved...

10:36 PM  

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