Thursday, December 07, 2006

Download yahoo mail in outlook express from mail client


Yes, its possible to download mail in outlook express from your yahoo mail server, and I use that rather then login into my yahoo account. Its very easy. Actually one software designed for it named ypops.

Downwload ypops from here.

Just downlaod that and keep it running. Create the outlook express account for it in your outlook express.
Use incoming and outgoing mail server as : <--DO NOT FORGET THIS SETTING.
It will take few hours in starting. But be patient it will be done fast in next day.

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Blogger Alex said...

On my PC exist many dbx files. And often had problem with theirs. And yesterday I opened my OE and was shocked reason of my emails had been deleted on unknown reason. I used the Google and stumbled upon there - how to read a .dbx file. It determined my situation for seconds and effortlessly:)

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